President’s Message

Jeff Baldwin, PMI PresidentThe Only Thing Constant in Life is Change

By: Tim Kilbane, PMI President and National Sales Manager, Symmons Industries

PMI members have always stood for innovation and collaboration by way of plumbing related standards and the plumbing codes. As an organization, over the years our core focus has been primarily technical. In the past, the organization would monitor a defined segment of what would impact us the most and then be able to shape such changes in a way that was both compromising and effective. However, this sole method of implementing change is a thing of the past. Recent indiscriminant changes that have come our way, well outside of the traditional process, have a profound effect on our businesses.

A prime example is the recent change in the lead content of our products. I feel that the lead issue was a turning point for PMI, going from reactive to proactive. Through our advocacy efforts, we went from a defensive stance in opposition to an offensive position of suggesting reasonable and attainable levels based on facts versus emotions. PMI put together a viable implementation plan which was eventually adopted by the state of California and ultimately the federal government. The results speak for themselves. Had we continued down the path of objection we would have found ourselves on the outside looking in. Instead we made allies along the way that continue to come to us for advice and guidance on a myriad of issues related to all types of environmentally friendly and water conserving plumbing products.

PMI has evolved into the role of being the information resource for our industry at many levels, far beyond just codes and standards. Our mission is to promote the water efficiency, health, safety, quality and environmental sustainability of plumbing products while maximizing consumer choice and value in a fair and open market. We provide a forum for the exchange of information and industry education. We represent openly the member’s interest and advocate for sound environmental and public health policies in the regulatory and legislative arenas. We believe that this will enhance the plumbing industry’s growth and expansion.

PMI continues to take its solid technical base and merge it with our marketing component, now called the Advocacy/Outreach Committee also known as the A/O Committee. The professional assets of the A/O committee increase the value of our organization as they take the technical data and transform it into information that professionals and consumers can benefit from by understanding its relevance to their own businesses or lives. Doing so through print, our website, our Smart Phone app and social media will underwrite the vision of PMI.

Over the years, PMI has expanded the membership in both manufacturing and now allied member categories. The diversity of our membership is constantly evolving to include many diverse facets of our industry. To those that would think otherwise, I say that the best and fastest way to accomplish the diversity that you seek is to join us and take part in our openness to new and different ideas. By doing so, our industry will enjoy the clear benefits that only a unified voice can give us!

Thank you again for your ongoing support of PMI. I look forward to continued good works ahead.